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     You may e mail Me at for session availability & for tribute info. My phone number is 800 Marquise... This will only be used by a slave for emergency purposes or when I have given My express permission via e mail to call Me at a certain time at a certain gate. I do not offer "phone sessions" for tribute. I will only give My permission to call if I see a reason for the call. It is My right to refuse the request. I am available outcalls & I will travel to hotels or residences in My area of New Jersey only. I will give you a list of days to choose from & you will e mail Me back within 24 hours with a time & place that will work for you. Once we make an appointment I expect it be kept. You must always e mail Me the day before & confirm your session. Cancel the appointment if you need to, no explanation is necessary for cancelation in advance. I am a very busy Mistress. I know you too are busy, I respect your time & I expect you do the same for Me. If you fail to keep an appointment after your confirmation e mail I will expect 1/2 of our agreed upon tribute as I will be unable to fill that time with another client on short notice. Always remember that I am real, I do not play games, that I am a professional, & that I demand to be treated with respect & courtesy from the moment you contact Me.
     As a pro Domme, there is always a tribute involved, even for My personal slaves. My pets should want their Owner to wear tantalizing fetish outfits complete with fashionable sexy shoes & boots & to occasionally have new toys to torture them with. I am not money hungry but remember that these tools of the trade are expensive, & while I dominate submissives for My pleasure & because I love expressing My naturally deviant nature in this manner, it is only fair the cost incurred to be the best should be covered by those who worship Me. Those of you who have sessioned with a pro Domme before will know that My rates are more than fair. While the price might seem high to the uninformed, the experience of safe & sane session is priceless. If there wasn't a demand for pro doms, there would not be a supply offering their services! Not everyone is lucky enough to have a partner who is also interested in the scene; therefore to satisfy the submissive desires of males, the phenomenon of pro doms arose, safe & fun fulfilment of ones sexual fantasies without any sex.
     I am always looking for subs who will consent to having their sessions photographed (a hood or mask may be worn to preserve anonymity). Pictures of you may be used on My websites or in any other way that pleases Me. Once My models have signed a release, they will be eligible for varying discounts. You must send Me a recent photo of yourself (body). Do not waste My time with endless e mails. Only respectful inquiries & messages will receive a response. Abuse of My e mail will result in Me blocking your name. Do not IM, text Me or call Me without permission - EVER. You MUST read through My site before contacting Me or you will not have the privilege of meeting Me. Also note that you will not come to Me dressed in shorts, sweats, a tshirt or a baseball cap.
     If you do not specify a training course, I will train you as I see fit in various areas so you will become a well-rounded useful man slave. However you are permitted to request a specific line of training beforehand & you may provide suggestions to customize your session along with your pre-set limits. No two slaves are identical, each needs it own training. Dom couple & forced bi sessions are available. Always keep in mind that I am interested in what areas you wish to explore as long as they also appeal to Me. 
     By now you should have read all that I have written & have an idea of whether or not you are compatible with Me as your Domme. Do not ask Me any questions that have already been answered somewhere on My site. Do not waste My time in scheduling an appointment unless you are sure you can make it. If you cannot make it, cancel the appointment immediately.
      Your willingless to follow My protocol & instructions are very important in successfully scheduling session time or pursuing a relationship with Me. I am a very selective Mistress. I ask that you please respect My time & wishes.