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     I am an elite Dominatrix. As such, My services are in demand & I am allowed to be selective in the choice of My slaves. In order to be considered as a client, we must be compatible. A submissive must be open to what I offer, & must understand that there are some areas that fall into the BDSM realm of fantasy fulfillment, that I do not, & will not offer
     I pursue a Total Power Exchange between myself & My subs. I enjoy physical & mental punishment as an path of discipline & training. Sessions with Me are not kinky-oriented sex games. Although I am a professional, do not expect Me to perform for you because you are paying My fees. Total obedience & constant respect are demanded. Behavior & manners are very important to Me, also it is important that My slaves are intelligent and capable of holding an interesting conversation.
     I enjoy subs who I can relate to as strong men, it is much more fun for Me when I break down their useless male ego & make them My slaves. I have no need or use for those experimenting in the scene & can't make up their minds as to whether or not they want or need a Mistress to serve. Do not apply if you are not sure about who you are. I am proud of who & what I am & take pride in My skills as a Domina. I don't switch & don't ever engage in any sexual activities with My slaves, so don't ask. 
     Training will include persuasive control, Goddess worship, many fetishes & lots of humiliation. I charge standard fees (e mail for tribute info) with some options for extras like bringing a second Mistress, or a second slave, to our session. I am a very selective Domina with My own style & approach. I choose My subjects wisely & only select subs are invited to join Me in My world.  
     Always remember that I am a pro Mistress that is trained in the art of Female Domination. I have worked diligently the past few years to perfect My skills & hone My natural talents. If you are an experienced player, you should already know that a while a skilled Dominatrix does use her sexual charms & incredible body to tease & torment, she never crosses the line of pleasuring her slaves with any kind of overt sexual contact, such as a hand job or any other sexual services. I am not an escort with a whip. My slaves have to earn the right to cum, & if you have pleased Me with your abilities as a slave during our session, I might grant you permission to play with yourself in a humiliating manner designed to solidify My ownership of your natural sexual impulses. Don't count on it!!! Your sexual gratification means nothing to Me. I will be molding your mind so that pleasing Me becomes your only objective, & pleasing yourself ceases to be of any concern to you. You will not be permitted to touch any part of My body other than My perfect feet, & you will be grateful for, & beg for, even this limited contact. If this is not what you want, then please just crawl away now!