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This page is for those who have read My ENTIRE site and still wish to SERVE ME
     For the select few who are willing to surrender themselves to My unique & powerful training & who agree to abide by My rules & instructions at all times, a wonderful BDSM experience awaits. My first requirement is that, before contacting Me to book a session, you must read My entire website. If you do not, you obviously do not take our potential time together seriously. I will not schedule sessions with subs that can't follow directions.
     I work with all types of players, novices to experienced, from mild to extreme, however I do ask that first time subs have a general idea of what they are seeking during their time with Me. I enjoy heavy psychological & corporal scenes, foot worship & bizarre fetishes, creative & perverse sessions. Domination needs no tools except a creative, deviant mind & a willing subject. The most powereful bondage is one's own fear. Sessions will be safe, sane & consensual but will focus on expanding limits once we trust each other.
     All sessions with slaves who are serving Me for the first time begin with a 10-15 minute consultation. We will discuss your interests, experience, limits, concerns, health issues, goals etc. This informal interview will be an opportunity to get to know each other better while not roleplaying. I require this time, not only for My enlightenment as to what turns you on, but also to put you at ease so you can totally enjoy what lies ahead. You may ask questions, share details, & make any requests for what you might want in our session. I expect you to be able to communicate openly with Me because while I am a highly skilled & experienced Dominatrix, I am not a psychic or a mind reader. While I understand that you may be nervous & shy, please realize that this is quite normal & I am just as kinky as you are.
     We both know that this is what you want... What you crave... What you need!! You submit because you love it & you love the way it makes you feel. Let Me take you to that special place where all the burdens in life dissapear & pleasing Me becomes your sole goal. I want you to describe to Me your deepest & darkest fantasies & desires... & then allow Me to become your dreams come true. The more you can tell Me about your ideas, the better your session will be. Be as clear, specific & as truthful as possible & also outline things you DON'T want... it is supposed to be fun! You are on your knees submitting to My whims, being dominated, bound, tormented, whipped or flogged - because you want to be. It is not the toy you need to fear, but the person that is holding the toy. I will also hold this interview outside of our initial session, at a local public place of My choosing, but be aware there will be a separate fee for that meeting to cover the cost of My time & expense.