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Domination is the art of putting the mind in a fantasy where all the things that you know you need come true. When reading on, you will see on  Session info  page that I require an application form to be filled out prior to scheduling a session, & then a 10-15 minute consultation before our session begins. If you are not willing to invest the time in allowing us to get to know each other, then you are not worth being allowed in My presence. Nothing annoys Me more than a male who claims to be submissive, but then acts like females owe him something. I have no tolerance for males pursuing their own interests while hiding behind a psuedo-submissive facade. That being said, I will inquire as to your needs & desires... & then play them out My way. You will have a safeword as I only play safe, sane & consensual.
     I invest full mental & physical energy into My sessions & I want you totally comfortable so you can let go & give Me the control. I have My own unique style. I wil  train you, put you through hell & make your life miserable. For that you will thank Me. I offer wide & varied styles of discipline, domination & training to suit your interests & exploit your kinky weaknesses.
     I am always open to new ideas. If there is something you wish to try, or you have a specific fantasy scene, you may e mail Me & I will read your request & decide if it is also something I would enjoy. There might be additional fees involved depending on the request. I am interested if you would like to dive deeper into the psychological realm of submissiveness or you may want to us to engage in true edge-play or hard core S&M, perhaps you would like to explore your fantasies in psychodrama & roleplaying. I can be a bossy office bitch, a doctor/nurse, a police officer/inspector, an interrogator/torturer, a kidnapper, a slave auctioneer, a dog trainer, & I will gladly use you as a piece of furniture or My ashtray. I do not offer any of the following: needles, blood, electrical, toilet training, anything illegal or anything considered prostitution (all forms of sex & oral). I do not appear naked in front of sub male & offer no body worship above the knee (boots, shoes, nylon, feet only). I will not tolerate anyone asking for sex or nudity. Any request for sexual service will be rejected immediately. To repeat - I DO NOT ENGAGE IN PROSTITUTION, NUDITY, OR BODY WORSHIP ABOVE THE KNEE!. I am a professional Domina & expect Proper Respect.
      My scenes are always very clean & safe, both physically & emotionally. I do respect the interests & limits of My subs, which will be discussed prior to our sessions. Like most people, I enjoy gifts & surprises from My loyal admirers, however I neither expect nor require it. I do not give preferential treatment to those who choose to give gifts. I do prefer gift certificates from on line stores & BDSM items. For those, like myself, with a corset, latex, high heels, boots, stockings or pantyhose fetish, I take clothing & costume requests. If something needs to be bought to make your fantasy a reality, I expect you to cover that cost.
     If My unique brand of discipline & mind control continues to intrigue you after reading all of the above, please go to My  Session info  page for further information on setting up an appontment. I always keep an open mind & look forward to hearing about your fantasies & fetishes. I also enjoy expanding your interests & introducing you to new forms of play.
"... you are mine to do with as I wish & you wouldn't have it any other way".