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I am a sophisticated, elegant, educated, & highly skilled professional Mistress with high morals & standards. Naturally dominant, very feminine & incredibly intense, I was raised in Europe & realized early on how easy it was for Me to attract men with My beauty, captivate them with My charms, & then control them with My dark & extreme imagination. I have evolved since then into a True Top & I now consider myself an experienced lifestyle Domina. I bring class, style & high standards to each of My encounters with My subs. My favourite role: Myself! I need no excuse to play & play hard. Do you want it all? I will give you even more. Are you prepared to serve? I will make you thank Me for the priviledge. Do you have a burning desire to be used & humiliated that nobody seems to understand? I appreciate your passion & I will create challenges for you that will remind you daily of your place in My life. I enjoy using men for My pleasure & expect you to do absolutely anything which I command of you without question or hesitation.
     I am always exploring the psychology of total power exchange. I am thrilled when My sessions create deep, powerful subspace. I am not for the casual "dabbler" in the scene, who likes their domination soft, fuzzy & playful, but for those dedicated, sincere & adventurous few...
 "The best way to increase one's desires is to try to limit them" (Marquis de Sade).
     I believe that few if any experiences can compare with the levels of emotional intensity of BDSM. This mental aspect of the play is what governs the physical sensations of a session. I love that I can choose to be a professional doing something I enjoy so much. I will find what makes you cringe, what turns you on, what secrets you have, & then I will use everything I learn against you as I put you where you belong.
     I am an elite Dominatrix & I choose My clientele based on My own criteria, common sense & open minds. If I don't enjoy an activity, I will not make it part of My sessions. D/s is serious lifestyle & not a game for the immature. I demand respect at all times. I am seeking professional relationships only & I am very selective. Not all that apply will be accepted. My word is final.