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    I have had dominant tendencies for as far
back as I can remember. My natural dominance has been a cherished part of My entire life, but I am never mean or rude. I tend to be demanding, cruel, abusive... and charming. You will learn the true meaning of "ownership" and "Mistress". I prefer someone with intelligence as I am highly educated. I expect respect, devotion, absolute obedience and servitude and all My needs to be met. I am only interested in those who are well mannered, generous, and successful. Anything else is beneath My standards. "Declaro electus legio - Many have come but few are chosen". Discretion is a must... trust is everything.
      Female Domination means to Me the desire you have to prostrate your body, surrender your mind and abandon your will to allow those repressed emotions come to life. My sessions are somewhat therapeutic and designed to relieve one from the stress and tension of having to be in charge. Remember, I make ALL your decisions during our time together. I offer My services to Gentlemen and overworked executives with D/s fetishes and training in persuasive control, worship, fetishes and humiliation. 
                                                                    BDSM is a form of art. It's a daring dance created by the choreographer... I specialize in female power. This means much of what I do will revolve around power activities - physical submission, interrogation scenes, verbal abuse etc., intended to reinforce that I am in charge and you are not. If you are in a position of power in your career or life, submitting completely is a wonderful stress reliever. I have no interest in forced fem, sissy maids, or lingerie-wearing sluts. I like My slaves to be real men who love serving, pleasing and being owned by a Goddess. Obedience is expected at all times.
     I genuinely appreciate the mental connection with My subs. I feel that psychic and spiritual control leads to wild and interesting scenes that move outside the traditional style of BDSM. I believe fear and desire are the most powerful tools possessed by the Domina. Common interests do not guarantee compatibility. A certain chemistry also is necessary for a positive experience. 
     You've been searching for the right person for so long. Be honest with yourself, admit you need My control of you and your desires. Finally you can submit and be achingly corrected. Complete your life by bringing Me into it... The journey will be arduous, but the pleasure will be priceless.