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     I am available for sessions by prior arrangement or on a monthly  basis. My schedule is full weeks in advance so plan accordingly. I provide a wide range of professional domination services & cater for a variety of fetishes. I do not offer any kind of sexual/escort services, do not insult Me by requesting them.
     I am approachable & will treat you with respect when appropriate. However, when we are in session, you will get little or no respect.
     My interests & practices vary widely, from foot fetish to humiliation, tease & denial to intolerable torture. My creativity in session sets Me apart from most pro dommes. The intensity level depends on you, whether you are a novice wishing to explore your fantasies or a more experienced player needing to be pushed to new levels. I like to take My slaves to places that perhaps they have never been & expose them to all sorts of new feelings & ideas.
     I believe that the combination of pain & of being humbled is very effective & will help you to become a better person. Adults of all ages have a strong need for discipline & well defined limits & rules in their lives. I know you crave control of your thoughts by a strong woman. In consensual slavery with Me as your Goddess, you will have no choices, no rights, & no liberties except what I allow. There will be many rules of behavior in My presence that must ALWAYS be obeyed.
     For Me domination is most exciting when it combines mental & physical aspects. How I approach a scene depends on its elements & composition. In general, how a slave reacts and endures discipline or is manipulated by My feminity is more important than the technique I use to get that reaction. I find that I most enjoy sessions when I engage in activities that produces strong reactions in My subs, such as fetish play, corporal punishment, physical humiliation, verbal abuse. As I have mentioned, I have a wide variety of interests, so don't ask what My likes and dislikes are. It is more about the personalities meshing for Me.
     I enjoy light fetish & more intense corporal scenes involving edge play, from the soft & light to the hard core and everything in between. I specialize in mental domination & exploring a person's limits. My style of domination is complex & My unique brand of play is reserved only for those who prove worthy of this attention.
      My sessions are for those who want to let go where nothing else matters but the moment & the need.  Letting go of control.
     I give you what you need, whether it be pain, reward, punishment. Once we begin our session you are what you came to be. I love a responsive slave who lets it all go to Me.
     I enjoy My work & the challenges of meeting new subs, understanding them & their desires. It takes two to achieve a good session - it is important for all clients to be honest & have a genuine desire to be submissive & give themselves to Me.
     Come & experience My style.